Our Team

Ann StarretteAnn Starrette

Ann was trained at Shalem Institute, Pfeiffer University and Renovare’ Spiritual Formation Institute. She has led retreats through The Lydia Group, LLC retreat ministry that she founded in 1998. She is also the Director of Spiritual Formation at Davidson United Methodist Church. In addition to providing individual spiritual direction, Ann has created and sustained numerous spiritual direction groups within the Davidson congregation. The common desire to nurture transformation in Christ through the ancient spiritual practices unites the ecumenical network. As a spiritual director, teacher, and retreat leader, Ann views her role as quietly planting inner seeds of freedom, growth, and change that, through grace, lead to inner transformation. Contact Ann at Starrette@mindspring.com.

Don CarrollW. Don Carroll, Jr.

Don Carroll is a member of Davidson United Methodist Church. Don also attends the Davidson Friends (Quaker) in Davidson and has experience in the Clearness Committee. A graduate of Sursum Corda School of Spiritual Direction, Don provides individual spiritual direction and assists in the spiritual formation program at Davidson UMC. He is a certified executive life coach and the former Director of the North Carolina Lawyer Assistance Program, which provides assistance to lawyers suffering from mental health, addiction, or other issues which may impair their professional well-being. Don is the author of the Consciousness Trilogy with details at www.doncarroll.com. Contact him at carroll.williamdon@gmail.com.

Nicole Greer, PPCCNicole Greer, PPCC

Nicole Greer is the Vibrant Coach. In 2007, Nicole, a spirited entrepreneur, developed Vibrant Coaching. Over the last 20 years, she has embraced her ‘wind’ to help individuals, corporations and churches become the people they were created to be through defining and fulfilling a mission, to work better in teams, understand how personality types interact, get motivated, chart a direction, uncover ambitions, blind spots, hidden strengths thorough 360 work and exemplify excellent leadership. Ultimately, she longs to see people fully alive, alert, and awake! She is on a mission to energize, impact, and influence people to live vibrant lives through engaging the possibilities. Nicole works to learn, is a life long student of business practices and she loves to travel. Her traveling companions are David, her “earthy” husband of 25 years, and her two children: Kent, a 22 year-old fire/wind, and Katelyn, a 16 year old water/wind. Visit Nicole’s Website: www.thevibrantcoach.com or 704-502-4953.

Rev. Dianne Lawhorn

The Lydia Group would like to introduce Rev. Dianne Lawhorn. Dianne is currently serving as our Minister of Spiritual Formation. She is an Ordained Minister who brings over 15 years experience in facilitating small groups for spiritual growth. She is also a Program Associate in the Shalem Institute of Spiritual Formation. Dianne shares our passion for creating sacred space for souls to be tended. She is available for consultation regarding your needs as well as leadership for your next workshop, retreat, or study series. It would be her pleasure and privilege to work with you to discern how to best meet your needs for spiritual transformation. She can be reached at dianne.lawhorn@yahoo.com or 704-576-1476.

Rhonda FisherRhonda Fisher

Rhonda is the Director of Special Projects for Starrette Farm Retreat. Her simple, yet classic, touches can be seen at every turn. Rhonda has the rare and beautiful birthright gift of taking raw ideas and seeds of scenarios and bringing them to vibrant life – all for the pleasure of our guests. Her gift of analyzing the project, conducting research, identifying the various resources needed, and creating an overall plan begins her creative process. Then her exquisite mind, creative heart and gifted hands orchestrate into action. Every project is executed with soulful care. In addition to being a director of special projects in the greater Statesville area, Rhonda also owns R. Fisher Book Restoration. Once again, her delicate yet determined touch creates beauty as she repairs treasured books and family bibles. Reach her at R.FisherRestorations@gmail.com or 704-677-3247.