The School of the Spirit is a one-year School of Spiritual Formation & Renewal. It is limited to 24 clergy/professionals/leaders. The twelve-month program offers five 2-day retreats designed to equip, empower and nurture transformation in Christ through the ancient spiritual disciplines of Jesus and the early church.

The 9th cohort of School of the Spirit begins May of 2018.
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Don Carroll, retreat team member says: “Serving as a busy pastor with a fervent desire to preach the Word and care for the hurting, will inevitably lead us to neglect deepening our own spiritual journeys unless we have a structure in place to keep us grounded in the experience of Christ. For our ongoing effectiveness as a pastor, it is precisely the continuous renewal of our own experience of Christ that is going to make us gentle, open, caring, peaceful followers of the Way. Using St. Francis’ words we are then able to, ‘preach the Gospel always and use words when necessary.’ The School of the Spirit is designed to provide a flexible, organic structure for each participant to deepen their own spiritual journey.

The focus of this structure is not on the latest fad about how to stay fit, new psychological coping skills or even theology but on centuries-old practices that will renew our encounter with Christ, grounded in the vitality of a committed community to hold each participant’s journey.”


Over the course of the year students read books and articles, view life-changing documentaries, monthly engage in and experiment with a variety of spiritual formation activities/practices, develop a spiritual community with a small group of co-learners, and experience 10 days of teaching and formational activities built around time-tested concepts that help us become more open, receptive, and responsive to God’s transforming grace and work in us.

Who should apply?

School of the Spirit is designed for people who are profoundly dedicated to Christian spiritual formation, with a desire to know and live the ‘with-God life.’ If you have a quest

  • to move more deeply and intentionally into your own process of inner-transformation,
  • to be a part of a community of co-learners whose aim is to nurture that process,
  • to engage in quality materials and training intended to be passed on to others,
  • to commit to five quarterly retreats over a one-year time frame,
  • then participation in the School of the Spirit is for you!

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Questions? Contact program director, Ann Starrette, at or 704-488-5825.

The School of the Spirit is one of the finest renewal experiences I know of for ministers. It provides needed respite and a manageable pattern for spiritual growth. I hope you will consider this opportunity as you ponder how you will “care for your soul.” I know first-hand how thirsty we ministers can get giving other people water. This is a great stop by the well.

~Jody Seymour
Sr. Pastor/Davidson United Methodist, Davidson NC